It’s always an experience to be part of an event with our baby, you can feel the surprise of the people looking at the truck: they start looking at us, something new for them, they are used to see big foodtrucks, but when they see us they become like a child; it’s romantic, small, cozy.. It gives immediately an Italian impression and when people start looking also at the menu everything makes sense, they like the feeling, the unique Italian feeling that comes out from our truck. For our customers is always an experience to be at The Cheese Cab. We offer something new and unique in the city and it’s not even a product that you can find in the classic touristic places around Italy: the Mozzarella in Carrozza is really a product for Italians, in some regions, like ours, is considered the corner stone of the aperitif time in combination with a good glass of wine and this is exactly what we would like to transfer to our customers: a feeling, an emotion, some time that they can spend with their family or friends chilling and enjoying the time together; it’s spending time for themselves, for their soul and people really like this concept. And this is why we love our work: when you see the face of an happy and satisfied costumer it’s the most beautiful sensation.