What is about having a foodtruck? It’s a lot of things, a lot of sensations and emotions. First of all is owning your life! You have the power to decide where to go and when to do it. The experience to have your own business grows you up, professionally and most of all personally, you will face a lot of different situations, sometimes hard ones, but for sure every time you will learn something. And the foodtruck is really special in this: you have the possibility to do this not closed in an office, but staying in the middle of the people, talking with them, exchanging opinions. This will open your mind, enjoying the diversity. We really love the sensation to be part of something when we are part of en event or when, for example, we choose the perfect set up with our clients for their private parties. You can create every time something new, meet new people and, why not, make new friends. Every day a new experience. The flexibility is amazing, you do not have to forget your passions or hobbies, you can put all together creating a “boom” life: this is special.